I clicked this picture when I visited Bhutan last year. When you are in Thimpu, you can see a huge Buddha statue in the distant. It’s visible wherever you go. It gives you this assurance that Buddha is actually watching over you wherever you go. I was very fascinated by this statue and was longing to see it from close. Finally I got the chance. When I stood there and looked at the magnificent statue I was completely in awe of it and made me realize what a beautiful feeling faith is.

Faith has always intrigued me. The power of faith to make ordinary people strive for extraordinary, the power of faith to trust the invisible and the power of faith that makes you do unfathomable things.

Faith makes you feel powerful. Faith makes you surrender. Faith removes inhibitions. Faith makes your trust something more powerful outside yourself. This faith that we have on this powerful force, is it really external or is it internal like Kabir said “Mokon kahan dhoonde re bandey main toh tere pass mein” (where are you looking for me, I am right within you).

What are we without faith. Will we become lesser mortals, will we loose something precious in life, will our understanding of life be any less. Or is it just a perspective of looking at life.

Is it that simple or is it much more complicated than I think?


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