I have always had a special liking towards mirrors. Long back I had decided that when I have my own house I will have one wall full of  different sizes of mirror.  Not that I am a narcissist but because I like reflections. Reflection in water, reflection on glass buildings and reflection in somebody’s eyes.

This metal mirror in the picture is more than 100 years old and was owned by the queen of this palace I visited in Kanyakumari. I loved the metal mirror which had lost its quality of reflection with passing of time. So I tried to look for my reflection in it to click a picture and the result was a faint dusty reflection which I really liked.

Reflections make you think deeply and contemplate. Some reflections throw things at you, that you would have otherwise not seen. There are infinite layers one behind the other, how many layers can our eyes perceive and our minds understand, I don’t know.

Isn’t it how life is, so many layers. Nothing is as simple as it looks, there are always deeper meanings, some we understand and some we don’t.  So next time you look at reflections look closely you never know what it will throw back at you.


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