My dream came knocking by

I was enthralled

I took it in my hands

It was delicate and beautiful

I placed it before me

Speechless was I

It was exactly the way I had imagined it

Are you my imagination…asked I

“No I am as real as you are”

How did you find me?

“I am your dream, of course I knew how to find you”

I was excited and overjoyed

So what do I do now?

“Nothing just follow me”

But what about my comfortable life here ?

“But I thought that you wanted me”

My excitement turned into anxiousness

But my dream looked at me with serene attraction

So what lies ahead?

“That is only for you to find”

But it’s a risk

“But I am your dream”

My suspicions started overpowering me

What if I fail?

My dream touched my head in a blessing way

 “Call me when you are ready”

And it just went away



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  1. Absolutely beautiful. .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such clarity! It’s true that most of us dream, but only a fraction actually have the faith and courage to follow our dreams.

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  3. I’m not easily imressped but you’ve done it with that posting.


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