This is one of my favourite pictures. A baby holding onto a finger and trying to walk. The most fascinating part I feel is that the child holds the finger for support but he always walks ahead, he doesn’t wait for anyone to lead the way. And he has complete faith that this one finger connection will keep him safe. It just amazes me. I guess this is the kind of connection we all need in life. A connection with complete trust.

There are different types of connection that we come across in one lifetime, some connections we are born with, some connections that we make as we go on in life and some connections are strange, we don’t know how or why it happens. Like a stranger you meet on a train journey and you share your innermost thoughts with or a connection with a bird who hops on to your window every morning and greets you or that connection when you are at a traffic stop signal and you look deep into the eyes of a stranger and many stories are exchanged without any words. These mysterious connections always make me smile.

There is also that one important connection so close that even when they live miles away, a flicker in their life is immediately felt by your heart.

I guess it’s the combination of these real and mysterious connections that makes life so interesting. So here’s hoping for many more such connections in my life. Cheers!!



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  1. Nice blog..I hope to make this kind of connections too..:-)

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  2. Beautiful thought, captured succinctly.

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  3. Wow, such beautiful and deep words said so simply. Very nice. 🙂


  4. Thoughtful picture and words, thank you!


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