The mountains are calling…

Something has changed between yesterday and today. Had you asked me yesterday, if I was a beach person or a mountain person, I would have said that I am a beach person, without blinking an eye. But today I can hear a strong call, a call from the mountains.

I have grown up in a city where there are only hills surrounding it. So, though I had seen a lot of pictures of mountains, I truly didn’t know what they were until I went to Ladakh seven years ago. It was love at first sight. I was completely enthralled by the mighty majestic mountains. It is a love story that has stayed deeply imprinted in my heart. I have not been able to put that experience into words, I really fall short of words here. I felt like a speck of dust in front of it. They are so majestic that they kind of overpower you in a good way. I felt like they are the gentle giant surrounding me and protecting me from something evil. They overwhelm you with their sheer size but they are also like a mother standing tall shielding her child. They look very powerful. That first experience I will never forget.

The second time I experienced their beauty was when I went to Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. It reminded me of my first feeling. One common thing that I can do when I am at the sea and mountain is that I can stare at them for hours, both clearly evoke different kind of feelings though. The mountains remind me that I am nothing, just nothing and that feeling of nothing is beautiful. Going to the mountains is a lesson in humility. The whole sense of ‘ I ’ comes crashing down. And that feeling of ‘I am nothing’, kind of sets me free.

In India, we are blessed to have the beautiful Himalayan range. They are stunning. The stark landscape, the unadulterated colours there, the fresh air, the humming of the wind, it just blows my mind. The whole atmosphere calms my thoughts. While the barren land reminds me that survival is tough, at the same time I see a green valley and it tells me that if you manage to survive, you can turnout so beautiful. Yes, the mountains make me philosophical. The mundane thoughts go out of the window. The vast open sky widens my perspective about life. They say that your surroundings influence your thoughts, and I realise that is entirely true when I am there.

Maybe I need to go there, to put some fresh thoughts in my head or experience the feeling of nothingness again. So, yes the mountains are calling and I must go there…..soon.




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  1. Wonderful descriptions!

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  2. I know exactly what you mean! Ladakh and the mountains can do that to you. 🙂

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