My Crow Friend

I have been trying to click a picture of my crow friend for a very long time. But every time I pull out my camera and strategically point it at him, he starts jumping around. He plays a game with me and tries to test how good I am at capturing him. He hops from one place to the other or sits quietly and flies away right at the moment when I am going to press the click button. Its like he knows all about photography and how it works and hence doesn’t give me enough time to frame him in a picture.

So, first let me tell you how we became friends. Yes, I can see that weird expression on your face. We can have dog, cats, parrots etc. as our pets or friends that’s what I like to call them. But how can we have a crow for a friend. Trust me on this, they can be. This happened almost two years ago, when I was making breakfast in my kitchen and he came and sat on my window and started cawing and was constantly looking at me. It was cawing till he caught my attention. I thought he was hungry so I gave him some roti (Indian bread). He ate it and then flew away. After that day, every time I was in the kitchen in the morning, he would come and take the same position on the window and start cawing and I would give him food and he would go away. This ritual continued for few weeks before I started to take notice. I looked at him closely, to identify if he was the same crow turning up every day. But you know how all the crows look identical. Then I noticed a small dark grey protruding patch on the right side of his neck. So, every time he popped up on my window, I looked for that patch and instantly knew that it was him. And slowly I also started differentiating his cawing from other crows. I was becoming good at identifying him.

Our friendship has now progressed. Now when he caws, I know if he wants food or if he wants water or if he simply wants to irritate me. Yes, he does that if I am over sleeping.

Yesterday an interesting thing happened. I was pouring some water on my plants with a bottle, my crow friend came and perched himself on the bar and looked intently at me. Then he came closer to the bottle, made eye contact with me and then started drinking the water out of the bottle. I was quite surprised, this was the closest he had come to me. He didn’t seem to have any kind of fear of me. I felt happy. He again did the same thing today, drank water from the bottle as I was pouring it out. Since he finally seemed comfortable coming close to me, I thought of getting my camera out. He sat patiently till I clicked a picture and then flew away. Finally, I got my picture, I was happy. Ah the simple joys of life!




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  1. Ah !! that was lovely dear… simple yet complete. Crows can be good friends too!!

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