A bird’s eye view

I have always liked the view from the top. Be it on top of hill which gives a beautiful panoramic view of the city or be it on top of the tallest building. The view from the top always gives a different meaning to that place. You see the entire landscape without any bias. The buildings scattered like Legos, the small roads and streets sandwiched between the buildings, shining lights, a water body here and a green patch there. The view from top is always beautiful. It gives you a chance to see the entire city from one spot and you get to know the character of the city. Is it young and restless or old and classy? Is it made around nature or is it just a concrete jungle? Is the energy vibrant and vivacious or is it quiet and calm? Well, next time you really want to know about a city I suggest you go to the highest point and get a bird’s eye view, you will instantly know more about it. I had clicked this picture at Mount Coot-tha in Brisbane. It is one of the popular lookout points in Brisbane, the entire city is visible from here and view is spectacular. The view both early in the morning and at night is completely worth taking the effort.

Another thing about the view from top is that it makes you feels as if you are in Gulliver’s travels and suddenly you have become so big that everything is tiny in comparison. It actually makes your daily woes go away, the trouble that we have with traffic, pollution, people, everything disappears because everything seems so far away. In life also, sometimes when we are midst of trouble or stress and our mind is clouded by too many thoughts, it is important to take a step back from it, distance ourselves from it and take a bird’s eye view of the situation. That may give us a clarity and will make us see things from a new perspective and the things that were burdening us will seem not so big. It will make it easy to then take a decision. So, next time there is trouble brewing remember to take a bird’s eye view of the situation.




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  1. Yes absolutely true and so beautiful loved your words too.

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